~ Fascial Exercise ~

This is a unique method of exercise designed to target the fascial system. Specialized fluid movements allow us to relieve restrictions and bring us many health benefits like: decreasing pain, increasing mobility, circulation, body awareness, strength and balance. When properly combined Self-Therapy & Fascial Exercise together make a powerful method of healing preventing pain and injury, keeping up mobility and combatting age-releated decline.

Healing Step 3: Fascial Exercise s2/e3
Fascial Exercise is where we move beyond releasing fascial restrictions and into regaining healthy use of our previously injured areas. Complete your healing and finish your recovery with fascial exercise to get you moving freely and get you feeling great again!

MFR: A New Perspective on Healing s1/e1
In this episode we'll explore the role of Myofascial Release in the healing of physical injuries and emotional traumas. We'll take a new perspective on healing the body and the mind by looking at the role fascia plays in getting well. 

The Missing Piece to Healing s1/e5
Left unchecked this often completely overlooked aspect of healing will sabotage your progress and keep you from getting better. We will illuminate this missing piece and explore how to clear the road blocks to your healing. 

Why MFR Works s1/e4
Myofascial release has some really incredible healing results because of the unique way that it treats the whole person. In this episode we'll explore why it works so well and how you can start to achieve some of this awesome healing.

MFR Virtual Treatment - Real Results s1/e2
In virtual treatment you learn to be your own therapist and empower yourself with the skills to heal your body. For more information or to schedule an appointment email info@bodyfirstmfr.com.

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