MFR Mythbusters II

There are so many confusing aspects to healing. Let's look at a few common myths about healing so they don't fool you.

Myth #1  Wear a night guard to stop grinding teeth 
In truth the only thing a night guard does is stop you from wearing down your teeth. But you are still clenching your jaw all night as you wear it. This clenching can lead to headaches migraines, tightness in the neck and much more. MFR treatment or self treatment to your jaw, neck, belly and other related areas can relieve the constant clenching and remove the need for a bite plate or night guard altogether.

Myth #2  Self therapy made me feel worse, it didn't work  
Usually when self therapy or MFR treatment makes you feel worse it means you did it just right. That is called a healing crisis. While it can be uncomfortable for a while after you get off the therapy tool or off the treatment table, it is a great sign of healing and change. Once it passes you'll feel the progress you've made. Or sometimes when you first start working with therapy tools you forget to soften over them. If you lay on a therapy tool for 5 minutes clenching against the pain the whole time you might feel tighter afterward. Get a slightly gentler tool or take it to a softer surface and try again. 

Myth #3  Corrective insoles for foot pain and issues    
Foot pain like plantar fasciitis occurs when the fascia on the feet and in the low legs has tightened, dehydrated and lost its spring. Freeing the tissue in these and any connected areas will relieve the pain and return their spring. Insoles to even leg length or correct over pronation will interfere with your healing process. This is because both of these issues are often caused by unbalanced hips. If we balance your hips and then you walk on your corrective insoles again it will unbalance your hips again and again. If you need extra padding in your shoes regular insoles from the grocery store are best.

All of these myths come down to healing the true cause of the pain vs. short term symptom relief. The real trouble with just relieving symptoms is without the pain you can't feel that you are leaving fascial restrictions in your body that can misalign your spine, wear down your joints, herniate discs and impair organ function. This leaves these issues until they become catastrophic instead of dealing with them when they are just aches and pains, which are your body's way of asking you for help. Listen to your body's messages and heal it now!