Can MFR Help?
(Insert your symptom here)

  I get these questions all the time. Can MFR help chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, TMJ? Yes. Can it help plantar fasciitis, calcifications, IBS, PTSD? Yes. How about herniated discs, bone density, spinal misalignment, decreased organ function, tumors, cancer, the answer is yes MFR can help.

But how can releasing the fascia and dealing with the tissue memory within it make such profound healing changes throughout the entire body?

Remember back to the article on fascia (click for fascia article).  It surrounds and penetrates every muscle, bone, organ, tendon, even every cell in your body.  If your body were an ocean the fascia would be the water.  The health of your ocean depends on the health of it's water 100%, it houses, feeds and cleans everything in your ocean just like your fascia does for you.

In a society where we see a specialist for this and a different one for that, it can be hard to understand that one part of you could be so important.  Fascia effects the entirety of you head to toe, bones to skin and far beyond.

Fascia is still the 'new kid on the block' so many people, even many doctor's, don't yet know just how important healthy fascia is to your body.  Myofascial release has been achieving great pain relief and healing benefits for decades and now science is finally catching up and explaining why it works so well. We can now see fascia in a living person as we saw in the the fascia video and we can start to see and more fully understand the incredible beauty and importance of a healthy fascial system!

Click here for a video of fascia in motion