Pain, Friend or Foe?


  We are constantly bombarded with images and messages telling us that all pain is bad. But in truth pain is how your body communicates with you. If you are given a prescription for pain killers, you may want to think twice before filling it. Those drugs are symptom management, healing the issue instead is a healthier option.

People seem to think that they have to take pain meds if they have pain. But this is completely untrue, in fact those meds can slow or completely stop your healing process.  They do not 'cure' you, they just make it so you can't feel the pain anymore.  The trouble is with the pain removed you won't seek out a real fix for the issue, you just numb yourself.

Shutting your body up with pain killers leaves the problem within you to worsen. This is like seeing that your house is on fire and just taking the batteries out of the smoke detector. If you don't put the fire out the house is going to burn down.  The sooner you act the easier that fire will go out.

So the question is, is pain really a bad thing?  Getting upset about the existence of pain in your body is like being angry at the smoke detector that your house is on fire.  It's trying to save your life. Maybe pain is really a friend trying to help you not an enemy trying to ruin your life?

For authentic healing, you want to feel the pains in your body, that is how you fix them.  You don't have to resist the pain, you can give in to it, feel it and let it go.  Use therapeutic pain in treatment or with your therapy tools, follow it into the pain and feel it. With pain, the only way out, is in.