Emotions Make You Stronger

Be brave, feel your pain, feel your emotions, they are completely natural, healthy and the key to your healing.

You've got to feel it to heal
The word 'emotion' comes from an old latin word meaning 'energy in motion', so emotions are simply the movements of your energy within you. There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of about having emotions. Our ability to heal ourselves (and others), our instincts, our ability to connect and empathize with others all come from our ability to feel.

Our society has taken this amazing and completely natural part of being human, having emotions, and made it a bad thing. Often, when I treat a client, I can feel we are treating an important spot that needs to release and has emotions within it. But I can also feel the client desperately trying not to cry, shout, feel their fear or 'fall apart' and it keeps the spot from releasing, which keeps them from healing fully.  

If you don't let your emotions come up in a healthy way they can have a negative effects on your health. They can also come out in unhealthy ways like road rage, etc. This dysfunctional emotional expression happens when we suppress our feelings until they erupt out of us in inappropriate ways.  It is not the same as expressing healthy emotions which is an important part of your healing and a healthy part of life.  

So when a wave of emotion comes over you there are 2 healthy choices you could make: 1) you let yourself feel the emotions and express yourself fully right then and there (while emotionally good for you this is not always safe or appropriate). Or 2) you tell yourself 'I'm not in a place where I can feel this fully right now, so when I get home tonight I'm going to let this emotion come up again and feel it fully then', then you keep that promise to yourself.

You just have to replay the situation in your mind once you're home and the feeling will come right up again. Then you can beat up your bed, scream, cry, shake, feel the fear or whatever the feeling is that comes up for you. When you let the emotions move through and out of you, then you don't leave them to solidify within you into fascial restrictions and unhealthy emotional baggage. Instead you let the emotions fortify and power you and find energy or calm you didn't know you had within you.