Virtual Treatment
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does virtual treatment cost?
~For treatment pricing and packages, please visit the Programs & Pricing page.

How do I schedule a virtual treatment?
~To schedule a virtual treatment
click here or email me directly at or call/text 630-915-1469.

What video chat do you use?
~I use either Google Meet or Skype. With Google Meet you do not need to download an app and it is easy to use. Or you can download Skype and create a free account if you don't already have one. Skype takes a bit more preparation if it is new to you but it is also fairly simple.

Do I need experience with video chat?
~You do not have to have any experience with video chat. If you do not figure it out easily, I will call you on the phone and talk you through it until we can hang up the phone and finish our session on video chat. Google Meet is very simple.

Can we do a regular phone session instead?
~Yes. We can do regular phone sessions if you do not have access to video chat. Video sessions are preferable so as to help enhance your healing. Prices are the same as video sessions.


Let's work together on your healing

What can we accomplish in video treatments?
~We can accomplish all aspects of myofascial release healing through virtual treatment. Plus because of my extensive experience healing physical and emotional issues, I add many aspects of healing missing in traditional MFR to give my clients better and more complete results. If you are willing to do the work, together we can accomplish your healing goals.

I can teach you to:
     -release your own facial restrictions
     -rehabilitate areas of compensation or muscle imbalance
     -inner journeying techniques to work through tissue memory and reconnect to lost or disconnected areas of your body
     -myofascial rebounding & mysfascial unwinding
     -instinct training
     -myofascial dialogging where I help you learn to listen to your intuition and explore your beliefs to see what is holding you back in your healing

What is the best time to schedule a video treatment?
~The ideal time to have an Online treatment is a time when you can be alone and have some private time to feel whatever you need to in order to heal. If you have children, it is preferable to have a session when you won't be disturbed. But if this is not possible, and your kids are running through our session, we will make it work and do the best we can. Uninterrupted alone time is best but if that is impossible, it is completely OK.

What do I wear for a video session?
~Comfortable clothes that you can move freely in are best. Stretchy clothes like tee shirts, sweats and yoga pants all work great.

How much space do I need for video treatment?
~Ideally having some space around you to move freely and do light exercise and some floor space to stretch out or use therapy tools would be good in case we need them. If that is not possible, we will do the best we can we the space you have available.

Should I schedule a video treatment when I am having an acute symptom flare-up?
~During a symptom flare-up is a great time to have a video session. We can work through all the different ways you can help yourself calm down your symptoms and you will start to learn how to care for your body and know what to do if symptoms flare-up again.

I help clients from all over the country and abroad via private telehealth MFR treatments.

Should I schedule a video treatment if I have no symptoms?
~Yes. The ideal is certainly to get and stay ahead of symptoms by preventively caring for your body. Releasing fascial restrictions, addressing compensations and muscle imbalances, and working through tissue memory are things that we can all work on any time we are ready to take the initiative and take good care of ourselves.

Can my family or friends be with me for a video session?
~It is always ideal for you and I to work together alone if at all possible. For many people, there will be sensitive topics to discuss and emotions to feel and this is typically best done in a one on one setting. There can be some exceptions to this but typically a session with spectators is not as powerful as a private treatment.

What forms of payment do you accept?
~I will send you a request for a PayPal Payment for your session via email. Payment is due at the end of our video session except for prerecorded videos which are pre-pay only.

What if we have Internet trouble during our session?
~If the video freezes or we are disconnected, just wait and I will video-call you again as soon as the Internet is back up. This time will not count as part of your appointment but will be added on to our session. Please schedule an extra fifteen minutes onto our session so we can make up any lost time from a dropped video call or Internet trouble. So for a 30 minute session, please schedule this when you have 45 minutes free just in case we need that extra time

What if I have questions about my healing homework?
~You can email me simple questions anytime and I will do my best to always respond within 24 hours or less. If you have more complex questions or need me to look at an exercise you are working on, etc., it is best to save that for your next appointment.