How would your life be different if you were pain free?

At Bodyfirst MFR it is my goal to help you return to a pain-free active life style. Together we will work to relieve your physical and/or emotional pain so that you can enjoy your life fully.

For help healing after injury, surgery, auto-accident, physical or emotional trauma or abusive relationship--you and I will work as a team to guide you to a healthier body, mind and spirit.

Physical, mental and emotional healing with a Myofascial Release perspective



The 6 Pillars of Authentic Healing


How to Become a Client

Step 1

Please review the information on the Virtual Treatment page. This will give you a general idea of my approach to healing to see if we are a good fit. It will also answer many of the questions you may have about working with me and healing with MFR Telehealth Treatments.

Step 2

Schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation with me so we can discuss how MFR Telehealth Treatment can help you with your healing and answer any questions you have. Click below to schedule your free 15 minute consultation. Returning clients are welcome to schedule a free 15 minute consultation as well.

Step 3

After our call, you'll be invited to schedule an appointment for your first treatment with me so we can get you feeling better as soon as possible.
Or new and returning clients are welcome to contact me directly for scheduling at 630-915-1469 or





My Practice Principles


Team Effor

I work with my clients like we are two players on the same winning team. By both of us giving your healing our very best effort, we will successfully help you achieve your healing goals. My job is to ask you the right questions, listen deeply to your answers and create an evolving personalized treatment plan for your specific needs. Your job is to be willing to put some time and effort into your healing homework.

Find the Cause

In order to make lasting healing changes, we have to treat the root cause of an issue otherwise your progress will be short term. Together you and I will seek out the root cause of your physical or emotional pain so that you can now heal it for good.

Be Open to Feel

You've got to feel it to heal it. Whether healing a physical or emotional issue, there will be many sensations & emotions to feel. The more you can be open to feeling whatever comes up during the healing process, the faster you'll heal.



Listen to Liana's Podcast MFR: A New Perspective on Healing

In this podcast, we'll explore the role of myofascial release in the healing of physical injuries and emotional traumas. We'll take a new perspective on healing the body and the mind by looking at the role fascial plays in getting well.



Myofascial Release is great for pain relief and physical & emotional healing.  

Start your journey today!






Video of Living Fascia
Watch the movement of fascia in the body

Fascia is a dense connective tissue that covers the human body from head to toe. There are many layers of fascia within us which lend internal strength and support to our bodies. With a tensile strength of up to 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch, fascia is a powerful force within you. It is your shock absorption system.

Fascia surrounds every muscle, bone and organ within the body and even surrounds and penetrates every cell. So healthy fascia is very important for everything from proper mobility, strength and flexibility to healthy bones, organs and glands.

Fascia has the the power to exert enormous unseen pressure on pain sensitive structures in your body. Even in X-rays, CAT scans and MRIs, fascial restrictions are completely invisible and yet they are responsible for the pains & problems in your body. Fascial release can bring great relief helping regain or maintain good health.