Follow Your Instincts s2/e5
Learning to follow your instincts is the best thing you can do for your healing and for living your best life. Your instincts have wisdom beyond your thinking mind, millions of years of experience passed down through your DNA that now lives in you.

Feel it to Heal it s2/e4
Therapeutically feeling the pain and emotions that are trapped in our connective tissue or fascia is actually the way to heal them. Fascia is either a powerful friend or a formidable opponent depending on how you treat it.

Healing Step 3: Fascial Exercise s2/e3
Fascial Exercise is where we move beyond releasing fascial restrictions and into regaining healthy use of our previously injured areas. Complete your healing and finish your recovery with fascial exercise to get you moving freely and feeling great again!

Healing Step 2: Release s2/e2
The next step in healing is releasing the fascia. This is where we really start to get the pain and symptom relief with myofascial release. Learn to release your fascia to make lasting changes in your body and your emotions.

Healing Step 1: Connection s2/e1
Connection is the most important and the most commonly missed first step in healing. Without it, none of your healing efforts will pay off. Don’t let this happen to you. Learn to connect first and you will be well on your way to healing.


Season One

Pain, Friend or Foe? s1/e9
MFR offers such wonderful pain relief but to achieve great results, we have to look at how we react to pain. Is pain a friend helping us heal or a foe holding us back? Uncover the truth about pain and how to use it to power your healing.

MFR Rehabilitation: The Apex of Healing s1/e8
The culmination of all your healing efforts meet at this final piece of healing, rehabilitation. We all need this step in the process whether we are recovering from a short or long term injury, trauma or the effects of repetitive stress.

Pandemic Trauma Survival Part II s1/e7
Within every trauma is the potential for incredible healing, far beyond even just getting better. By doing the work of healing trauma, the same thing that once crushed you to bits can lift you higher than you ever thought possible.


What You Need to Know About Scar Tissue s1/e6
Overgrown scar tissue can lockdown around nerves causing pain and lack of sensation. It can pull bones and joints out of alignment and even impede proper organ function. Learn to release your scars toimprove your health.

The Missing Piece to Healing s1/e5
Left unchecked this often completely overlooked aspect of healing will sabotage your progress and keep you from getting better. We will illuminate this missing piece and explore how to clear the road blocks to your healing. 

Why MFR Works s1/e4
Myofascial release has some really incredible healing results because of the unique way that it treats the whole person. In this episode we'll explore why it works so well and how you can start to achieve this awesome healing.

Pandemic Trauma Survival Strategies s1/e3
In this episode I lay out some of the best practices for surviving a long term trauma like the pandemic. These healing strategies will help keep you safe and sane and help you work thru physical/emotional pain of the past and present. 

MFR Virtual Treatment - Real Results s1/e2
In virtual treatment you learn to be your own therapist and empower yourself with the skills to heal your body. For more information or to schedule an appointment

MFR: A New Perspective on Healing s1/e1
In this episode we'll explore the role of Myofascial Release in the healing of physical injuries and emotional traumas. We'll take a new perspective on healing the body and the mind by looking at the role fascia plays in getting well. 

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