MFR Telehealth Programs & Pricing
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Personalized treatment programs and healing from.
Use your computer, tablet or smart phone
I create unique treatment programs for every client tailored exactly to their current healing or rehabilitation needs
Treatment programs are updated at every session which
allows for swift healing progress and long-lasting results



Single session
30 minute treatment

Single session
60 minute treatment

Four-pack of
30 minute treatment

Four-pack of
60 minute treatment




Bodyfirst MFR Virtual Treatment Options & Programs

Virtual MFR Treatment

In one-on-one video chat treatments, we will use cutting edge healing techniques to help you relieve your pain and alleviate your symptoms. We will utilize methods such as specialized MFR healing techniques, MFR Rehab, Fascial Exercises, Fascia Block Release, Self-Therapy, Instinct Training, Intuitive Healing and more.

30 min = $50
60 min = $100
4 pack 30 min = $175
4 pack 60 min = $350

MFR Rehabilitation Programs

This weekly program combines all aspects of Myofascial Release with the best in rehabilitation and mobility techniques to leave you feeling strong, balanced and mobile. We will use MFR, Fascia Block Release, strengthening and Fascial Exercises for a full body program that progresses each week towards your healing goals.

4 sessions per month
4 pack 30 min = $175
4 pack 60 min = $350

Intensive Treatment Programs

Multiple treatments per week offer accelerated healing with virtual treatments personalized to your specific needs. It is a powerful way to get ahead of pain and symptoms and feel better fast. We will use techniques such as: Fascia Block Release, Myofascial Release, MFR Rehab, Fascial Exercise, Self-Therapy, Instinct Training and more.

2 or 4 sessions/week
4 pack 30 min = $175
4 pack 60 min = $350

MFR Mentoring For Myofascial Release Therapists

Mentoring teaches you the latest techniques for deep healing and supports your growth as a therapist. We will refine your treatment and healing skills, build your confidence as a therapist and answer your treatment and MFR questions. You will learn the latest skills, advanced methods and expert tips to help your clients heal.

30 min = $50
60 min = $100
4 pack 30 min = $175
4 pack 60 min = $350

Personalized MFR Video : Pre-recorded

You will receive a link to a personalized pre-recorded video that will contain all the techniques you'll need to relieve your pain, release your fascia and rehabilitate your body. It will include specialized MFR healing techniques, MFR Rehab, Fascial Exercises, Fascia Block Release and more. You can practice along with the video any time.

20 min video = $50

Additional Benefits

Preventative Care

Why wait for injury or pain? We all have fascial restrictions and tissue memory within us. It is just whether it is all riled up enough
to cause you pain and symptoms yet. If you can be inspired to take care of your body before trouble strikes, then that is the best way
to be ahead of the game and help your body, your health and your mobility last your whole life through.


My personalized workouts, treatments and rehabilitation programs are all wonderful ways to help your body stay young
and mobile as you age. Our bodies are meant to last as long as we live if we take good care of them. Much of what we think of as
age-related physical decline like immobility, lack of balance, and frequent falls can be avoided with proper training and exercise.

Stay young and healthy with my personalized workout and treatment programs
for preventative care, authentic healing or rehabilitation

We will use the most effective awareness-based techniques to achieve your healing goals including:
Self-therapy, Fascial exercise, MFR Rehab, Emotional healing & Instinct training.

Self Therapy
This is an in-depth method of releasing your own fascial restrictions for pain and symptom relief. It also increases body-awareness and helps you to connect to your instincts and inner wisdom for deep healing.

MFR self-therapy gives you a powerful tool you can use to help relieve your pain and work on your healing anytime you feel the need.
Fascial Exercise
This is a unique method of exercise designed to target the fascial system. Specialized fluid movements relieve restrictions while: decreasing pain, increasing mobility, circulation, body awareness, strength and balance.

Self-therapy & fascial exercise together make a powerful method of healing & preventing pain and injury, increasing mobility.
MFR Rehab
It is unique to each individual based on their needs and includes:
  • muscle balancing to correct compensations, add stability and decrease symptoms
  • specialized exercises to increase strength and flexibility without causing pain or symptoms
  • learn to connect to your body and to your instincts which are necessary for authentic healing
  • Emotional Healing
    This is a necessary part of healing from a physical injury, a physical or emotional trauma, abuse, PTSD, anxiety, depression or low self-esteem. If we do not address the emotional aspects of our issues, they will keep us locked in our symptoms indefinitely. With guidance and training in our virtual treatments, working through your emotional healing will get easier and you will feel emotionally lighter and freer.