~ Emotional Healing ~

If we do not address the emotional aspects of our issues, they will keep us locked in our symptoms indefinitely. The good news is we can heal the emotional wounds of our past if we are willing to connect inward and feel the tough stuff. With guidance and training in our virtual treatments, working through your emotional healing will get easier and easier and you will feel emotionally lighter and freer.

Emotions Make You Stronger

MFR and Meditation

Your Magic Eyes

Navigating Healing (1/3)

The Darkness Within (2/3)

Climbing Everest (3/3)

Instincts 1

Instincts Pt.2: Reconnecting

Instincts Pt. 3: Coming Home
Tissue Memory a.k.a. Cellular or Muscle Memory
As far as healing is concerned, tissue memory is when our bodies store the memories of injuries, emotional upheavals and trauma in our cells. If these tissue memories are not felt and dealt with, they can stall or even sabotage our healing. That is why it is so important to feel deeply into the sensations and emotions that arise during myofascial release healing. That way we can clear the tissue memory and achieve our healing goals.
Healing Step 1: Connection s2/e1
Connection is the most important and the most commonly missed first step in healing. Without it, none of your healing efforts will pay off. Don’t let this happen to you. Learn to connect first and you will be well on your way to healing.

Feel it to Heal it s2/e4
Therapeutically feeling the pain and emotions that are trapped in our connective tissue or fascia is actually the way to heal them. Fascia is either a powerful friend or a formidable opponent depending on how you treat it.

Healing Step 2: Release s2/e2
The next step in healing is releasing the fascia. This is where we really start to get the pain and symptom relief with myofascial release. Learn to release your fascia to make lasting changes in your body and your emotions.

Healing Step 3: Fascial Exercise s2/e3
Fascial Exercise is where we move beyond releasing fascial restrictions and into regaining healthy use of our previously injured areas. Complete your healing and finish your recovery with fascial exercise to get you moving freely and get you feeling great again!

Pandemic Trauma Survival Strategies s1/e3
In this episode I lay out some of the best practices for surviving a long term trauma like the pandemic. These healing strategies will help keep you safe and sane and help you work thru physical/emotional pain of the past and present. 

Pandemic Trauma Survival Part II s1/e7
Within every trauma is the potential for incredible healing, far beyond even just getting better. By doing the work of healing trauma, the same thing that once crushed you to bits can lift you higher than you ever thought possible.