Instincts Part 2: Reconnecting

  To reconnect to your instincts you'll have to clear the past. Every time a process begins within your body but doesn't get to finish it leaves it's mark, and even though you won't realize it, it takes some energy to hold in that unfinished business.

If you've ever been so angry or scared that you felt your body want to tremble but you shut it down, wanted to shout at someone or scream but you held it in or wanted to laugh out loud but you stifled it. All of the natural responses we suppress to be part of a "civilized" society create unfinished business within us, this is called tissue memory. Once any of these processes begin within your body, if they don't get to come out, it actually takes energy to hold them in, eventually we the body creates a fascial restriction to hold things in for us.

You can see this in little kids who we are just being trained to shut down their instincts in order to go to school. They want to laugh or sing or move when they feel it within them, they don't know yet that we don't let ourselves live that freely. So their training begins and we start reprimanding them, they get in trouble for following what they feel, their instincts. And by the time the are adults like us they are so removed from their instincts they can't feel them at all anymore.

...To be Concluded