Instincts Part 3: Coming Home

    Reconnecting can be tough because not only are we all shut down by the time we are adults but we have a strong and deep association between following what we are feeling and being "bad" or feeling socially subversive. I doubt you could find an adult in America that wasn't reprimanded or shamed for doing something that felt right to them when they were a kid. It's how we do.

So when you first dabble in following your instincts again it may feel "wrong" to you or "weird". It's new so it's OK if it feels weird, you can follow your instincts anyway until you learn to trust yourself again.

Your deepest healing will be led by your own instincts, no on else can take you there. You will need helpers but a good helper will follow your lead, guide you back to your own answers and help you learn to heal yourself by following your instincts.

For authentic healing to truly work you'll have to reconnect to your instincts, find those inner whims and messages and learn to trust and follow them again.

This will take training or 'un-training' and really this is a large part of MFR healing, helping you reconnect with your instincts again, helping you feel and value the feedback your body gives you from pain to emotions to living according to your rules, following your instincts.