MFR and Meditation

  The practice of quieting the mind to feel and be with what is behind the chatter is used in both meditation and in MFR.  It is what we should be doing while we are meditating, receiving MFR treatment or working with our self therapy tools.

Healing does not occur when someone is thinking, if we could think ourselves to health we'd all be healed.  It is only when we are feeling and being present with what is inside us (beyond the chatter, without resistance) that true, deep healing, transformation and quantum shifts in perception occur.

I remember when I first asked my father how to meditate he told me meditation is like sitting at a train station inside yourself.  The thought trains come and you just watch them pass, you don't get on the train.  If you find yourself thinking, 'riding a thought train', you let it go and bring yourself back to the station again.  When an emotion 'train' comes it's the same thing, I let myself feel it as it passes through me but I don't need to think about it, I just feel it. In that state I am deeply connected to myself and my instincts and I can have deep insights and profound shifts and gratitude for my life.

When I was doing my yoga teacher training we had to sit in meditation and after my accidents sitting was the hardest thing on my body, especially sitting upright with nothing supportive behind me. But I knew from my MFR training that going into my pain was the best thing for my healing.  

So I sat in mediation with the group and it hurt so bad that tears would stream down my face as I sat silently exploring my pain and feeling it without resistance.  That went on for a few months and then one day I had this picture pop into my head of a section of my spine shifting back into place and in that moment the pain stopped abruptly.  It was awesome and showed me the power of being present with my pain, not resisting it but instead moving into the pain.

In this case I was moving into the pain internally but in MFR unwinding then I actually move my body into the pain in order to release it. Myofascial release and unwinding allows me to take these principals used in meditation to the next level, moving into my pain, fear, anger, sadness but with that presence and connection to my internal self that is necessary to power the release and the unwinding.

Connecting to your body is not always fun, but it is always healing and as you clear some of your physical and emotional pain your body can become a beautiful place to be again.