Your Magic Eyes


Your eyes and how you focus them effect much more than just how you see. This is a 3D picture, often called a 'magic eye' picture. Learning to see the image in the magic eye picture could be a big step in your healing.

When you adjust your eyes to be able to see the image within the 3D picture above you are opening your focus. When you then adjust your eyes back to be able to read you are using closed focus vision. How your eyes focus all day has a huge impact on your nervous system which greatly impacts your health.

Your body is actually meant to live in open focus, which has many benefits. When you are in open focus your blood pressure lowers, your body sends energy to digestive and restorative processes and other healing and stress relieving actions within you. Open focus also allows you to use your peripheral vision and fully take in your surroundings without needing to focus on any one thing, the way you would naturally do when you are out in nature, feeling and being a part of the expanse around you.

When you live in closed focus, to work all day at a computer for example, the closed, exact focusing of your eyes can trigger your nervous system into "fight or flight" igniting a number of stress reactions within you. These stress reactions can lead to subconscious changes in your body like tightening muscles, raising your heart rate and stress hormone levels that can lead to exhaustion and sabotage your healing by repeatedly sending you back into your pattern of tightness and pain.

When you are outside see if you can explore the subtle differences in how the focus of your eyes makes you feel. You can practice on the "magic eye" picture above. Allow your vision to blur as you look at the 3D picture and find the hidden picture within.

Hint: Almost touch your nose to the screen and back away slowly until the image is seen. These monkeys hear no evil, see no evil & speak no evil.