Bodyfirst MFR Telehealth Treatment Center

How would your life be different if you were pain free?

At Bodyfirst MFR it is my goal to help you return to a pain-free active life style. Together we will work to relieve your physical and/or emotional pain so that you can enjoy your life fully. For help healing after injury, surgery, auto-accident, physical or emotional trauma or abusive relationship--you and I will work as a team to guide you to a healthier body, mind and spirit.

Physical, mental and emotional healing with a Myofascial Release perspective



Whole Body Release Program
An exciting new method of releasing fascia

What makes this healing program unique:

1. We release the entire body's fascial restrictions and relieve your pain using just two inexpensive tools.

2. Once thoroughly released, we teach the area to function properly so you can move easily and regain your full strength.

3. I guide and teach you but ultimately you take control of your healing destiny. You perform the releases, you do the exercises and when you are pain free and feeling great, you have yourself to thank for it!


Whole Body Release Program with a Block & Dowel

Over the past few years I have created a brand new and extremely successful whole body release program in which I teach clients to release their own restictions and relieve their own pain. Along with my one of a kind body awareness and rehabilitation exercises, clients are having wonderful healing results. The only tools you need for the Whole Body Release Program are a yoga block and a certain dowel from the hardware store which will only cost you a few dollars each. I've been an MFR therapist for 15 years and there are many releases that can be done with the block and dowel far better than they can even be done by an expert level therapist!

Whole Body Release via Virtual Treatment

This form of therapy lends itself perfectly to learning via virtual treatment and before you know ​it, you'll have dozens of new releases to relieve your pain and heal your body, mind & spirit! In virtual treatment, you'll learn a new healing skill and a whole new way to release restrictions from all over your body! Release restrictions from your ribcage, sternum, pelvis, arms, legs, shoulders, knees, elbows, neck, face, feet, back, belly and more! You will be amazed by how much you can release and change your body for the better with these simple tools.

Experience the Relief & Fascia Freedom for Yourself!

This is not regular old mfr self therapy that you may have seen before. This is a whole body release program using just 2 simple yet powerful tools in some very creative ways to release restrictions and get you the pain relief and mobility you need. My whole body release program is completely personalized to your changing needs to give you lasting results. People are often intimidated to do the releasing themselves but you can absolutely do this...and I will show you how. Get ready to heal with my Whole Body Release Program!


Learn More About the 6 Pillars of Authentic Healing

How Does Video Treatment Work

Video treatment is a safe, easy way to relieve your pain and release your fascia
  1. Email, text or call me to schedule your appointment

  2. I'll send you a link for our video session

  3. Use your computer, tablet of smartphone to meet me at the link at our scheduled appointment time

  4. Together we'll practice brand new highly effective fascial releases to relieve your pain and restore ease and motion


Virtual Treatment ~ Real Results

Virtual Treatment
: Take control of your healing from the safety and convenience of your own home. Online treatment via live video chat allows us to teach you the skills to heal yourself all while being fully guided through your healing process.

Email Access
: Once we begin working together, you are welcome to email or text me anytime if you have questions or concerns about your MFR healing, your symptoms or what you're experiencing.

Learn to Listen to Your Body: Over time you'll learn to listen to your body and know how to respond appropriately to relieve your pain & symptoms with ease. Until then, I'll be there to guide you and help you decode your symptoms to get the relief you need.

During Virtual Treatment
Set Goals

Before each session, you'll email me your goals for your upcoming treatment and anything else you'd like me to know as I create your treatment program for that session.

In Session

Each treatment, we will begin with a check-in about how you have been feeling physically, emotionally, etc., since our last appointment. How you have been doing will inform the treatment direction for that session.

Learn techniques

I will teach and guide you through the techniques of your treatment program to help you achieve your healing goals. These may be fascial releases or fascial exercises, MFR rehab, emotional healing, instinct training, connection exercises or other appropriate techniques.

Healing Homework

We will discuss and practice together your healing homework to continue your healing progress until our next session. Then it is up to you to make the time to work on your healing at least a little every day. I will be here to support you but how much progress you make is up to you based on how much energy you are willing to give your healing.



Myofascial Release is great for pain relief
and physical & emotional healing.  

Start your journey today!





Listen to Liana's Podcast MFR: A New Perspective on Healing

In this podcast, we'll explore the role of myofascial release in the healing of physical injuries and emotional traumas. We'll take a new perspective on healing the body and the mind by looking at the role fascial plays in getting well.


Video of Living Fascia

Watch the movement of fascia in the body



Fascia is a dense connective tissue that covers the human body from head to toe. There are many layers of fascia within us which lend internal strength and support to our bodies. With a tensile strength of up to 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch, fascia is a powerful force within you. It is your shock absorption system.

Fascia surrounds every muscle, bone and organ within the body and even surrounds and penetrates every cell. So healthy fascia is very important for everything from proper mobility, strength and flexibility to healthy bones, organs and glands.

Fascia has the the power to exert enormous unseen pressure on pain sensitive structures in your body. Even in X-rays, CAT scans and MRIs, fascial restrictions are completely invisible and yet they are responsible for the pains & problems in your body. Fascial release can bring great relief helping regain or maintain good health.