Workout to Stay Young
Did you know as we age our workout requirements go up?
It's true, as we age, we need more exercise than when we were younger. Unfortunately, most people get less mobile and exercise less as they age. If you want to keep your mind sharp and your body active you must exercise right everyday with physical training and cardio that helps you and does not harm you.
Fascial exercise, weight lifting & cardio are necessary components of your regular workout.

Most of us also need MFR Rehab to get us strengthening properly again too. Past injuries, even long forgotten ones, can cause all sorts of pain and symptoms many years later because we never got back to using the muscles correctly and moving properly again. MFR Rehab is an integral piece of a healthy workout. I can't tell you how many clients have come to me over the years in terrible pain and some even with extensive injuries and it all turned out to be caused by their workout. And they didn't even realize it!

The goal of exercising is to increase your strength, balance and cardiovascular health so we have to be sure that is what our workouts are doing for us.

If the workout is also taking away our health by wearing away joint cartilage, causing pain and increasing symptoms then in the long run it is robbing us of our health and that is not OK and it is no longer healthy exercise.


Low Impact Exercise

So many people actually damage their bodies with the exercises they choose. I recommend low impact exercises that you will be able to do your entire life without injuring your body or wearing away your joint cartilage (as long as you correct your compensations and use the right muscles.

Correct Your Compensations

Whatever workouts you choose or sports you play they will be much better for your body if we correct your compensation patterns. That way you will use the proper muscles for everything you do which will keep your body strong and pain-free much longer.

If you're using the wrong muscles even low impact exercises and normal daily activities can hurt and cause problems.

Get your ego out of the way

Choose workouts that are good for your body and that are healthy for where you're at right now. If you haven't been working out lately, go back slow and steady and set yourself up for success. Low impact workouts that cause no symptoms beyond proper muscle soreness is what we're after for long term health. Keep in mind that low impact does not have to mean low intensity.

You can still get an intense workout and hit your maximum heart rate (if that is appropriate for you) without negative long-term effects of high impact exercises.

Increased Mental Capacity

The other big goal of working out is the mental acuity that can come from the increase in circulation & lung function as well as the good muscle usage of a healthy workout. My goal for myself and all my clients is to help them maintain (and increase) their physical ability and their mental ability for their entire long, healthy life. So many people lose one of these necessary attributes. How can one enjoy a healthy mind without an able body and vice versa?

If you are to be fully functional and independent your whole life thru you need both an agile healthy body and a clear healthy mind.

Sitting is the New Smoking

Whether you sit for long periods for work, for gaming, for binge watching shows - if you want to be healthy and nimble your whole life through, get up and move. Get your daily exercise on.

I'm here to help if you're ready to correct your compensations and get your body moving better, faster & stronger.

I used to work with a doctor who would always say your daily workout at any age should be one you can do when you are in your 90's. That way you'd choose a workout that gives you all the cardio and strength training and movement you need while being kind to and easy on your body. It can be done if we make wise choices.

Do No Harm


Let your daily exercise routine help keep you nimble on your feet and sharp in your mind.

When choosing a workout keep in mind the Hippocratic oath of "do no harm", meaning choose exercises that help you increase your health and that do no harm to your body. You can still push yourself and get all the workout intensity you need or want but at the same time listen to your body and honor and respect its current abilities and boundaries. That way you can always be active, building muscle and increasing balance and flexibility with a bright mind, quick reflexes and a strong, healthy body your whole life through.

Let's Get Moving!