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Pain relief and post trauma physical and emotional healing
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Personalized Healing & Treatment Programs

Each client's symptoms and history are different so no cookie-cutter approach will help you achieve authentic healing with long-term results. I create unique treatment programs for every client tailored exactly to their current needs. Programs are updated at every session. This allows for swift healing progress and lasting results.

We will use the most effective awareness-based techniques to achieve your healing goals:
Self-therapy, Fascial exercise, MFR Rehab, Emotional healing & Instinct training.






Self Therapy

This is an in-depth method of releasing your own fascial restrictions for pain and symptom relief. It also increases body-awareness and helps you to connect to your instincts and inner wisdom for deep healing.


Fascial Exercise

Along with releasing the fascial restrictions with self-therapy, we have to move along the lines of fascia in the body in order to return freedom and mobility to these once-restricted areas. These specialized movements allow us to exercise our fascia and release by moving.


MFR Rehab

This is a program I created to give my clients more thorough and lasting healing results. It is unique to each individual based on their needs and includes:

  • muscle balancing to correct compensations, add stability to your body and decrease symptoms
  • techniques to return sensation and use to numb and "lost" areas of the body
  • specialized exercises to increase strength and flexibility without causing pain or exacerbating symptoms
  • techniques to help you connect to your body and to your instincts both of which are necessary for authentic healing


Emotional Healing

This is a necessary part of healing from a physical injury, a physical or emotional trauma, abuse, PTSD, anxiety, depression or low self-esteem. We all have emotional issues that need healing. If we do not address the emotional aspects of our issues, they will keep us locked in our symptoms indefinitely. The good news is we can heal the emotional wounds of our past if we are willing to connect inward and feel the tough stuff. With guidance and training in our virtual treatments, working through your emotional healing will get easier and easier and you will feel emotionally lighter and freer.







Instinct Training

Our instincts and inner wisdom live within our bodies. When we are disconnected or disassociated as happens to us after injury, surgery and physical or emotional trauma, then we lost the ability to connect to our instincts. Most people live quite disconnected from this important inner guidance and live instead in the fight or flight of modern life. Authentic healing requires that we learn to re-connect to the deep inner wisdom of our instincts.





Tissue Memory

Also known as cellular memory, tissue memory is when our bodies store the memories of injuries, emotional upheavals and trauma in our cells. If these tissue memories are not felt and dealt with, they can stall or even sabotage our healing. That is why it is so important to feel deeply into the sensations and emotions that arise during myofascial release healing.







Programs & Pricing

Use your computer, tablet or smart phone

Live Virtual Treatment: Single Session
In live, private video chat treatments, we can master: Self-Therapy, MFR Rehab, Facial Exercise and Emotional Healing to achieve your healing goals.

30 min = $45
60 min = $85
90 min = $125

Live Virtual Treatment: 60 min - four pack
*This is the most popular treatment option.
4 x 60 min = $320

Pre-Recorded Video: Single Session
Receive a link to a pre-recorded video made specifically for you of: Self-Therapy, MFR Rehab,
Facial Exercise and
Emotional Healing for your current goals. Click the link and practice your home MFR therapy.

20 min = $45

Intensive Live Virtual Treatment: 30 min 
Accelerate your healing with live private video chat treatments 2 or 3 time per week to get ahead of pain and symptoms and get better fast

2 x 30 min = $80
3 x 30 min = $115
(in one week)

Intensive Live Virtual Treatment: 60 min
Multiple 60 minutes treatments per week give us the time to focus on all
aspects of your healing, successfully reach your goals and give you the best results.

2 x 60 min = $150
3 x 60 min = $210
(in one week)