Virtual Myofascial Release Treatment Center

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Virtual Treatment - Real Results
Use your computer, tablet or smart phone

Treatment Menu & Price List

Live Virtual Treatment: Single Session
In live, private video chat treatments, we can master: Self-Therapy, MFR Rehab, Movement Therapy and Emotional Healing to achieve your healing goals.

30 min = $45
60 min = $85
90 min = $125

Live Virtual Treatment: 60 min - four pack
*This is the most popular treatment option.
4 x 60 min = $320

Pre-Recorded Video: Single Session 
Receive a link to a pre-recorded video made specifically for you of: Self-Therapy, MFR Rehab, Movement Therapy and Emotional Healing for your current goals. Click the link and practice your home MFR therapy.

20 min = $45

Intensive Live Virtual Treatment: 30 min 
Accelerate your healing with live private video chat treatments 2 or 3 time per week to get ahead of pain and symptoms and get better fast.

Intensive Live Virtual Treatment: 60 min 
Multiple 60 minutes treatments per week give us the time to focus on all
aspects of your healing, successfully reach your goals and give you the best results.

2 x 30 min = $80
3 x 30 min = $115
(in one week)

2 x 60 min = $150
3 x 60 min = $210
(in one week)