"This is my Testimonial"
by Gerianne

Liana has been the best thing that could have happened to me.  I was in severe pain and taking 600 mg of ibuprofen at least 4 times a day and the pain was getting worse.  My back was twisting (twisting like scoliosis) and pain was going down my right leg.  I could not walk for long periods of time.

I started seeing Liana in February of 2013.  My drive is 2 hours (each way).  My husband drove me to see her and when I was done with my treatment I had to sleep going home.  I went every week and by May I was good enough to drive by myself.  

I continued to see her that year every week.  Also I was taking very little pain pills. When we fixed a spot on my body and it healed, we pealed another layer of the onion and worked on that (next) spot.  As time went on I got better and better.

Have patience and do what she tells you to work on until your next appointment. You will have progress and sometimes regression to your path to healing.  You are worth being healthy. Remember that your body did not get the way it is now over night.  It took time to get this way (and it will take time to heal).

For me it is a journey of healing the whole body.  Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. I truly wanted to heal my whole body so I had to face somethings in my life that I did not want to face.  I had to be truthful with my self.

I have people tell me that I look great and still look the same as I did and it has been 10 years since I have seen them.  I am 72 years young and feel great. My body is limber. I can get up and down with ease, I can work off a ladder, get on my hand and knees and do yard work, and many other things.  

I still see Liana now and will keep seeing her.    ~Gerianne, Bloomington, IL