Yellow Ball Guided Self-Therapy
Practice using the yellow ball to treat your back in this guided self therapy video. Working the ball all the way up or down your back is a great way to help your whole body heal.

Learn Yoga Breathing (Ujjayi Breathing)

Increase your lung capacity by learning Ujjai or Yoga breathing in this short video. Deep breathing is a powerful skill for connecting to your body, relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and so much more.

Tennis Ball Guided Self-Therapy
Use tennis balls in a sock to treat either side of your spine. Working the two tennis balls all the way up or down along your spine is another good release to practice regularly for health & mobility.

Visualization Exercise
Practice visualization for your healing in this short
video. It is another skill to power your healing process. Learning to visulaize helps you to connect to your inner wisdom.

Inner Journey
Join me for this inner journey to enhance your
healing. Learning to turn your awareness inward is necessary for accessing deeper levels of healing and the wisdom of your instsincts.
Inner Journey Energy
This energetic innter journey is to help you learn to
connect your energy to your body which must happen before any other healing will work. Learn to master this vital skill for yourself.

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Get to Know Your Quads
Understanding the muscles of your quadriceps and being able to visualize them while you are self-treating will help you release them more thoroughly.

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