MFR Mythbusters

There are so many confusing aspects to healing. Let's look at a few common myths about healing so they don't fool you.

Myth #1  One of my legs is shorter
Actual leg length discrepancies are incredibly rare. It is the rotation in your hips (which most people have to some degree) that makes one leg seem longer than the other. This can then cause other issues like back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, etc. Balance the hips to remove the rotation and the legs become even length. Wearing shoe inserts to even leg length will only keep your hips twisted and pain growing.

Myth #2  When I have pain I should ice it  
Icing is only potentially useful for the first three days after a fresh injury. After that, icing for regular pain relief can slow your healing process. The body's natural inflammatory response is an important part of the healing process. When you ice you stop that inflammatory process from finishing. This traps inflammation in your body and causes fascial restrictions. To heal we have to get that trapped inflammation out of your system. Self therapy and MFR treatment are meant to kick up your body's natural inflammatory response on purpose to get that old inflammation out.

Myth #3  Immobilize areas of pain by wearing a brace  
Unless you have a broken bone or an injury which must set or knit itself back together, you want to avoid immobilization.  It should not be used for daily pain relief. When you immobilize an area of your body it will increase the fascial restrictions there which in turn will lead to decreased mobility and strength and an eventual increase in pain.  Release the restrictions that cause your joint pain or foot pain instead and you will relieve the pain and make the joint healthy again.

All of these myths come down to healing the true cause of the pain vs. short term symptom relief. The real trouble with just relieving symptoms is without the pain you can't feel that you are leaving fascial restrictions in your body that can misalign your spine, wear down your joints, herniate discs and impair organ function.  This leaves these issues until they become catastrophic instead of dealing with them when they are just aches and pains, which are your body's way of asking for help.
Listen to your body's messages and heal it now!