The Missing Piece

This is a children's book from the 70's. It is a great story of healing.

    When we are injured in some way we often find ourselves trying to get back to what we felt like before we were hurt. But like any attempt to move backward, it doesn't work and even if it did we'd find that wasn't really what we wanted.

We won't be who or how we were before, we will have learned something and changed through the process of experiencing life in our unique way and healing. I truly believe that we get injured in order to learn something, to learn a universal truth or gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our journey. When an injury presents itself it is a message to me that I have some unfinished business that is asking to be finished or unhealed part of me ready for healing or at least ready for me to take the next step.

Maybe this is my way of rationalizing and dealing with the things that have happened to me in my life. But as I explore what my injuries or pains are really about and what lessons they have to teach me, the problems change and disappear. And I gain a deeper understanding of who I really am and how my instincts insist that I live my life, true to myself. Over and over I find that there is no missing piece, it all happens just as it's meant to and the more I embrace that the faster I learn and heal.