Myofascial Release Mentoring Workshop
For all levels of MFR Experience

Work with me for a day of treating clients, improve your MFR skills and take your ability to help others heal to the next level.
We will refine all the skills needed for a full healing MFR treatment experience including:

~Assessment practice: standing, supine, prone
colorful hands

~Pressure fine-tuning & Stance adjustment

~Dialoging and educating the client properly

~Teaching the client Self-Therapy for their specific, current needs

~Seamlessly using direct pressure, cross hand releases, rebounding & unwinding

~Finding and Treating the true cause of the client’s pain as well as alleviating symptoms

For Clients:
~Clients will receive multiple hands treatment for the
regular treatment price

~Many helping hands means we have the opportunity to get much more done in one hour than usual and
often leads to very deep treatments

~Clients will be treated by myself and all the mentoring therapists and
will hear questions pertaining
to their treatment as well as some MFR ‘trade secrets’

Each Workshop Includes:
~2 sets of treatments with a Q & A lunch in between

~Hands on guidance for all therapists

~Therapists can ask questions during treatment that pertain
to the healing
of the client currently being treated
(all other questions at lunch & between treatments)

~Optional group unwinding for therapists time permitting

"I mentored with some great, expert level therapists for the first seven years of my MFR career. It gave me the practice, skills and confidence I needed to really guide people through their healing. Click here to read full article.

One on One Mentoring
~All of the same attention to the details of a full MFR treatment but focused on your needs as a growing therapist 

~Refine the subtlities of your treatment, pressure and angle to get the best releases

~Perfect your hand position and stance during treatment to be the best for your body

One on one mentoring:
$65.00 per hour
Multiple hours are $60.00 per hour

Mentoring Group Workshop
Therapists: $200 for full workshop
(4 treatment hours)
Clients: $82.00 per hour

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