First Place in Healing
How to Get the Most out of your MFR

For truly successful Myofascial Release healing you will need to give it your all, it will have to be the top item on your ‘to do’ list. What you get out of it will equal what you put in to it

Myofascial Release healing works, period, if you are willing to do the work. If you are willing to put the time and effort in, feel the sensations and feelings (even the really tough ones), if you are willing to dare to let go, soften into the pain and allow yourself to change you will heal.

If you leave your treatment and don’t think about what came up for you on the table the rest of the day you’ll miss a big opportunity for healing. The treatment is just the beginning. It’s like someone giving you a push on the swings  They get you going then it’s up to you to lean in to it and see how far you can get with what they gave you and your own determination. So pay attention to how you feel in the hours/next few days after your treatment. Do you get achy, feel: calmer, anxious, sad, angry, or think of events or persons from your past you haven’t thought of in a long time, etc.  Notice what changes.

To get the best results from your MFR treatments:

  • Pay the fullest attention possible to what you are feeling & soften into it
    even if it hurts, feel how you feel about that pain, frustrated, sad, angry...feel it
  • Work with your therapist as a team & ask for guidance when you need it
    if you are falling asleep or thinking of other things the healing will stop
  • It will hurt sometimes, let it hurt, soften into the pain & feel
    therapeutic pain is a part of healing, it is safe to feel it, it will not injure you
  • Do your homework, use your tools to practice softening into your pain at home
    tough spots need repeated release while you feel the sensations/emotions until they are cleared

For those who have lived in intense pain there is nothing better than the relief of that pain  True healing is so much better than just masking the pain with drugs or cortisone shots. If the drugs/shots even relieve the pain (which often they don’t), they can have dangerous side effects. But most importantly the issue that caused the pain was not fixed and the pain was merely numbed. This unfixed issue then can continue to get worse until it becomes catastrophic.

Pain, discomfort, emotions, this is how your body communicates with you. These are the only ways it has to tell you what is going on inside yourself. Instead of shutting your body up or ignoring it, MFR teaches you how to listen to your body and gives you the tools to then deal with whatever it is your body needs. You have pain, lack of mobility, anxiety, sadness, rage, Myofascial Release gives you real tools to deal with these issues, not mask them or talk about them but instead to work them out and finally move on and live fully.

My first MFR therapist used to say “healing is not a passive event, it is an active sport”. And like any other sport, if you want that gold medal in healing you’ll have to carve out the time, put your heart in to it and give it your all and you will win!