Vinyasa Yoga Classes


The Power of Yoga: When we practice yoga we begin to move outside of our patterns and take our bodies into new positions and shapes. This has the power to increase our range of motion, strength, flexibility and vitality. Some forms of exercise only expend our energy without giving us energy back or only work certain areas of the body. Yoga is a total body workout that increases energy, improves cardiovascular fitness and builds bone density.

Instructor: Liana Vazquez-Gits, Certified Yoga Instructor with
over 10 years of experience teaching group fitness and yoga classes; Yoga teacher certification completed at Yogaview, Chicago, IL.

Class Description: This is a flow or Vinyasa style Yoga class which links breath and movement so the postures flow one to the next. It is an energetic style of Yoga for all levels, but is for the active practitioner. We will explore breath, posture, inversions and backbends with modifications as needed. Vinyasa Yoga builds strength, flexibility and bone density, improve balance and increases vitality and well-being.

Dress: Loose comfortable clothes are recommended.

What to bring: Please bring a Yoga Mat, Yoga blocks, and Yoga Strap.

6 classes for $75.00 or $15.00 per drop-in class
Cash, checks and credit cards accepted

Self Therapy Workshops



Self Therapy Workshops are designed to help you take your home therapy to the next level or to introduce you to the magic of self-therapy. Your body needs daily attention and care to function optimally and to help you feel great. Bring your aches, pains and problems and we will practice exactly how you can help yourself heal these issues.

These sessions can be paired with yoga class at 4:00 PM. ($15.00 for walk-in class). You must register to attend and reserve space for the workshop. Either send a check for $35.00 or use the button above to pay with PayPal. You will receive a reminder email with instructions for the workshop.

Check back soon for workshop dates and times.

Choose from the Drop-Down menu below to pay for Yoga, Self-therapy workshops or Yoga/Workshop combo.


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