Choosing the right MFR Therapist
Something that comes up often for people is that their results vary greatly one MFR therapist to another.  This can be confusing, especially when both therapists technically have the same level of experience.

One thing to keep in mind, what makes a great therapist is what they have healed in themselves.  No one can show you the way down a path they have never taken. If a therapist has not really healed anything difficult in themselves or dared to dive in to their deepest darkest pains/feelings, they won’t be able to help you heal your pain either. Personal experience is how you really learn MFR.

So even though therapists may have the same professional credentials or may have taken the same seminars, like any other profession, not all therapists are created equal.  What I look for in an MFR therapist for myself is someone who has healed something serious in themselves.  Breaking physically or emotionally into a million pieces and learning to put your pieces back together is the only way to learn how to heal yourself or help someone else heal.

Another piece of MFR treatment that can be confusing is some therapists use a lighter touch and some use a firmer touch. MFR has many parts and levels of touch to it which all must be woven together for what is right for the client in that moment.  Light touch is certainly appropriate at times. But if the treatment is always super light touch it will not release the deeper fascial restriction and adhesions or give lasting results and pain relief, etc.  

If you or your clients prefer light touch MFR is it because that is truly what is best for you right now or because a firmer pressure makes you feel something you don’t like or don’t want to feel.  Going in to that, and feeling what you don’t like about the sensations/emotions that come up is essence of MFR and true healing. 

To be a great therapist for yourself or someone else you have to help yourself or whoever you’re treating descend into their pain and feel what they don’t want to feel. That’s healing!