MFR & the Brain


It is easy to see the benefits of MFR for pain relief and mobility. But did you know that releasing the fascia surrounding your vital organs will help them function optimally and keep you in good health? 

The brain, like any other part of your body, must be free and unrestricted enough to properly deliver nerve impulses, process information and keep you mentally sharp.

Removing restrictions around the head, neck, chest and brain will help keep proper blood flow circulating in these areas and be useful in stroke prevention or recovery.The symptoms of Alzheimer's, for example, coincide with a hardening of the brain tissue. Just as hardened tissues elsewhere in the body create pain and disfunction in areas like your neck or knees, when this hardening occurs in the fascia that surrounds and connects to the brain, functional, cognitive and memory issues occur. 

This can actually happen at any age when trauma occurs like whiplash or concussion. Both these traumatic brain injuries cause restrictions and tissue memory that can be felt as a variety of symptoms like migraines, depression, vertigo, nausea, brain fog and memory issues and so much more. These injured tissues will need to be released in order to heal fully and keep the brain function and memory in top shape.

To regain proper function anywhere in the body, including the brain and memory, mobility and suppleness must be restored. Softening up the body the neck, the head, the dural tube and clearing away some of that leftover tissue memory will get you moving freely and thinking clearly. When these areas are relaxed and easy your brain will function at its best and keep you clear and bright.